Acadia 1 Water Sports, SUP, Sea Kayak rental and delivery service.

Outfitters in Acadia; delivering Sea Kayaks to Bar Harbor, Mt Desert, Ellsworth,
Seal Harbor, Manset, Northeast Harbor, Hancock, Millbridge, Gouldsboro
and most locations in Acadia.

Call us at 1-888-786-0676 if you have any questions.

We were located in what is now the KOA Campground for many years; we still deliver to this location, no delivery fee.
We can tell you where all the best spots are off the KOA Campground shore.

  • Necky Looksha T Tandem Sea Kayak

  • Necky Manitou II Tandem Sea Kayak

  • Old Town Loon 160T Tandem Sea Kayak

  • Heron Jr Kids Kayak

  • Top Water Series Fishing Solo Kayak

  • Old Town Preditor Fishing Solo Kayak

  • Old Town Castine 14'5" Solo Sea Kayak

  • Old Town Adventure XL Solo Sea Kayak

  • Necky Lookshaw 17 Solo Sea Kayak

  • Necky Lookshaw 14 Solo Sea Kayak

  • Ocean Kayak Nalu 11 Stand up Paddleboard

  • Ocean Kayak Nalu 12.5 Stand up Paddleboard

  • Recreation Map Welcome to Acadia !

  • Chart Mount Desert Region !

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    Sea Kayak Rental and Delivery Service.

    Our location and directions.

    Reservations: 1-888-786-0676

    Call us at 1-888-786-0676.

    2019 Rates

    Off Season (May, June, September, October)

    1 day solo 45.00

    7 day solo 155.00

    1 day tandem 55.00

    7 day tandem 215.00

    1 day SUP 49.00

    7 days SUP 240.00

    Peak Season (July, August)

    1 day solo 55.00

    7 day solo 170.00

    1 day tandem 65.00

    7 day tandem 240.00

    1 day SUP 49.00

    7 days SUP 260.00

  • Chart
  • Paddles
  • Life Jackets
  • Hand Pump

  • How it works:

  • We deliver rentals to Lamoine Beach at no cost.

  • We deliver to most locations in Acadia.

  • We deliver for weekly rentals to your waterfront property.

  • This is a free service; however there is a fuel surcharge.

  • We do not deliver to your location for one day rentals.

  • BUSINESS HOURS: By Appointment only.

  • Our address is: 1564 Shore Rd, Lamoine Maine 04605.

    Frenchman Bay Salt Water Discovery Trail
    from the shore of Lamoine Beach and Lamoine State Park

  • Cold Water Safety

  • Surf Forecast

  • Frenchman Bay Marine Forecast

  • Live Radar

  • Bar Harbor Tides

  • Public Reserve Land; free camping. Tunk and Donnell Pond.

  • Detailed trail information. Tunk and Donnell Pond.

  • Stanwood Bird Sancuary. A special place to take a family hike.

  • Hiking Trail Lamoine.

  • Public Trails outside the national park Frenchman Bay Conservancy.

  • Blunts Pond Public Snorkel Trail.

  • Avoiding Ticks Putting your self at risk!

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